Affordable Water Treatment Systems and Demineralizers

An effective water filtration system and softener will keep excess mineral ions out of water, making it suitable for industrial purposes, such as food processing plants, boilers and cooling towers.  The water delivery system of every commercial setup is different; hence, it requires an in depth understanding and analysis of the area that’s suitable for the installation of a water treatment system.

Count on the qualified and highly experienced engineers at Industrial Softener Service Inc to handle the job.  We have the expertise and equipment to address even the most difficult application and control issues.  With our state-of-the-art CAD technology, we can design complex water treatment systems in a cost-effective manner.  We deal with companies and plant engineers and provide water treatment systems for cooling towers, boilers and food processing plants!

Industrial Softener Services Inc Installation Products

Two-Bed Demineralizer

  • Steel tank and fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) tank models
  • Fully skid mounted
  • PLC controls
  • Educated or pumped regeneration (batch or conductivity initiated)

Mixed-Bed Demineralizer

  • Steel tank (rubber or vinyl ester lined)
  • Fully skid mounted
  • PLC controls
  • Educated or pumped regeneration (batch or resistivity initiated)
  • Provide water quality to 18 megaohms

Water Softeners and Filters

  • 20″ through 72″ diameter
  • Electronic or electromechanical controls
  • Single, twin, and multiple tank units
  • Finish painted, lined and primed, or galvanized steel vessels
  • Cast iron or Noryl, Y-Pattern diaphragm or cast iron butterfly values
  • Galvanized or black carbon steel, stainless steel or PVC piping
  • Non-code or ASME code vessels
  • Skid mounting (full interconnecting piping and pre-wired)
  • Wide variety of operational modes
  • Filtration media (multi-media, iron removal, carbon, etc)
  • Download the LWT series specifications
  • Download the LWTS series specifications

Water Treatment Systems We Frequently Manufacture

  • Water softeners and filters – through 10-foot diameter
  • Dealkalizers (chloride anion, weak acid action, and split stream)
  • Condensate polishers
  • Forced draft decarbonators
  • Steam cleanable carbon filters
  • Multiple train demineralizers
  • Reverse osmosis

A Reliable Source for Custom Water Treatment Systems

Industrial Softener Service Inc is recognized throughout the industry for its excellence in the field of designing and manufacturing custom water treatment systems and quality products.

Our control systems are designed, fabricated, programmed, and fully tested in-house. In order to provide you with exceptional services, we offer you a choice of PLC configurations and also integrate the control of the existing systems into a centrally controlled facility for easy operation.

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